Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you know Nancy?

There is a lizard that lives in our house.  She is tiny and cute and very fast.  She hides and I see her run by late at night.  The kids have tried to get me to take a photo of her but I haven't been able to catch her yet. 

The nice thing about our wild "pet" is that we have no bugs in the house.  She keeps them cleaned out. 

As soon as I get a picture of Nancy I will post a picture.


Anonymous said...

She sounds wonderful!
We have a number of pet frogs who cling to our windows at night eating from the insect buffet. However, we still have insects--the supply is great!

That's Carmin with an "I" said...

lol- we have a pet frog that lives in our garage. I like it better than the pet mouse that used to reside there... The frog eats our garage bugs, that makes me happy. :-)