Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christmas in September?

I am a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas.  This year is different.  I keep finding really great deals.  I can't pass them up.  I have saved $40.51 on FOUR ITEMS!

I found this at Hobby Lobby. I found these for $ .69 originally 6.99 each.  I save $12.60.

This is my most proud find.  While at Hobby Lobby I found this item.  It didn't have a price marked.  I knew my baby girl would love it.  I took the box up front. The 2 women that were at the register told me they thought they were $14.99.  The manager said to go ahead and charge me that price.  If I come back the next day it will probably be more.  When I looked up the price online it was $39.89.  I saved $24.90.

Lastly, my son has been begging for ninja Zhu pets.  I found this at Target for $6.98 down from $9.99.  I saved $3.01.


Anonymous said...

Good work!
Wish I were as industrious!


That's Carmin with an "I" said...

Oh, some of those look like wonderful amounts of fun... for me! :-) lol Good work, mom.