Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yummy to My Tummy

Today was the first day I felt well enough to play with the children.  I felt really guilty because it was just a rough week for me so the kids had less fun. 

There was a silver lining to my poor health.  My husband was able to go on a field trip with Baby Boy.  This was Baby Boy's first one and super important.  Daddy has never gone on a field trip. I know it made Baby Boy trilled and Baby Girl a little jealous.

Today we finally made the cookies that I have been holding onto, played games, and baby girl had about 6 inches cut off her hair (her request).

We were really concentrating

Yes they are on snowman plates. This is what they wanted to use.

Notice that one of his cookies are missing.  This is how I got this picture.

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Raymond said...

Looks good!