Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bless My Husband's Heart

I am very blessed to have a great husband. Really I think he is a saint for being married to me.

Last night when I was falling a sleep I started thinking about how much I love him and how sweet he was. You see, I saw myself in the mirror before I went to bed. I think I am the girl version of Pigpen.

A day in the life of me:

Wake up, go to the bath room and brush teeth.

Walk into the kitchen grab a glass for water. Drink it, then set the cup down.

Get a hit of caffeine. Diet coke or something else. Finish it and leave it on the counter. (I know I have an Quit staring at me)

Play on the computer. (I can quit anytime. Who cares? So what? Looks away)

CRAP! I am running behind because my 2 mins on the computer turned into 30 min. Grab a glass of water, drink, and set it down. Dump out my make up and spend 2 min applying.

Grab my keys. Run out the door. Help at the school.

Come home and play on the computer a little more. (dum-de dum) Wait...How did I suck out another hour. I haven't eaten yet today. Nothing sounds good. Look in fridge and wish I had gotten a rotisserie chicken at the store yesterday. hmmmm Grab a glass of water. I guess grapefruit would be good for lunch.

Oh I forgot to say something to someone on the computer....another 15 min.

Maybe I should shower. Take off my clothes and throw them on the floor. Jump into the shower/bath. Climb out and grab my terry cloth robe. Have a towel on my hair. Water runs down my legs because I don't towel off enough because I expect my robe to absorb where it doesn't reach. Every step leaves a small puddle.

Throw the towel off my head over the shower door. Robe goes on the hook. Dig through my laundry basket for clean clothes. Dress.

Maybe I will check to see if any one replied on the computer. (Really I don't have a problem. It is just a hobby. I can quit anytime. I just do it to unwind.)

Hair is starting to look like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Decide I need to blow dry because I have somewhere to go tonight. 45 min of blow drying. 35 min of flat ironing. Roll eyes at self because there is humidity in the air. I wonder what it is like to have good hair.

So far:
  • 5 cups around house
  • make up all over counter top 
  • Towel over shower
  • Pawed through laundry that hasn't made it to the draws 
  • A dryer, diffuser, and flat iron on counter. Hair protectant is in the corner.  
  • dirty clothes on the floor 
  • Grape fruit bowl next to where I sit. Usually salt near by. 
  • Open laptop. 
  • Puddles of water on the bathroom floor.


All this before noon.

I realize that I am a walking mess. I appreciate that he knows this and says nothing. He loves me despite my faults.


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Kristy said...

You are too funny!!!! Wanna know a secret???? That computer problem ....I think I have it too!!!

Hi my name is Kristy and I a computer addict!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy