Sunday, February 07, 2010

Birthday Party Gone Wrong

My son turns 6 on Friday. He is super excited for his special day. We planned a McDonald's birthday party becauseit was easy and cheap and he could invite everyone he wanted. We knew that more people would be available this weekend that next with Valentines.

It started off pretty good. All the kids trickled in at a nice speed so we could greet everyone. They were happy to see each other and play. They sat down to place their orders and were off and playing again. Kids were jumping off of things they were not supposed to but it seemed harmless.

Then they sat back down for cake and ice cream. We noticed one little boy had a bruise on his cheek and eye area. He wasn't crying or upset but it did look bad so someone got him some ice. I was feeling bad that he was hurt but he was rough housing with his buddies and things happen. I gave him a quick squeeze and then continued on with the party.

Most of the kids went to play again. A few were finishing up their treats and I was handing out the goody bags. A couple of the moms were chatting with me. A little boy started to get up to play with his buddies. He lost his balance and fell. The sound of his head hitting the tile was unforgettable.

I knew right away that it was really bad. I scooped him up in my arms. I could tell his step mom wanted to take him but she had an infant in her arms. I asked her did she need me to take the baby. We swapped children. The boy was screaming which I thought was a good sign. I had blood on my arm. This was not looking good.

I yelled for 2 of my family members because they were nurses and they were across the room. I look over at the boy and he had blood gushing from his head. It was coming out in a straight line across the back of his scalp.

Another friend ran out to her car to get her first aid kit. Another friend just got certified as a CNA. So we had two nurses and a CNA helping to stop the bleeding. We had the ice pack left from the kid who hurt his eyes. About 20 panicked children watching plus parents. They were able to get the blood to slow and the first aid kit had all sorts of bandages so we were able to bandage the head. It was assessed that 911 did not need to be called but he needed to go straight to the er.

While waiting on dad to get the car the kid kept trying to go to sleep. We were having to wake him up. When we would he would wail in pain. It was absolutely heart breaking. I was filling out the incident report for the mom. Guests were leaving.

My stomach was in knots. I thought it was the stress of the ordeal.

We finally make it home and the room starts spinning a bit and my stomach is worse. My son wants to open the gifts he didn't get to open. I watch him open them with a smile on my face. He loves his stuff and wants me to play with him. I try but I am just too week. I go lay down in bed and my daughter climbs in to cuddle me. She is worried.

I wake up 3 hours later feeling so sick. I proceed to lose my lunch and my son is so disappointed in my lack of energy. My sweet husband is trying to take up the slack.

I muster the energy to call the boy's parents. He is doing better. He had to have 7 staples in his head and some pain medicine.

Next year will have to be better!


rosebud said...

It was a great party and I'm so sorry that happened! You are a very caring momma and I'm glad it happened under your watch if it had to happen at all.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I'm so sorry for all this trauma. Hope you are better today, and that your little guest recovers well. Children are very durable!

Hope Baby Boy will remember the fun of the party. We will call him on his birthday.