Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Babyboy started chattering about God in the car yesterday. We were driving to collect his sister from school.

He had been examining the Nativity outside of his school. He thought it was funny that they had baby Jesus/God and God.

I replied that the Baby Jesus was represented in the Nativity. The other people in were Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men.

He informed me that I was wrong. He saw the man with the beard and that was God.

I told him that he was right there was a man with a beard. He was not God.

He the in turn told me that I was wrong. He knew what God looked like and God has a beard.

I retorted, "Well Petes has a beard and he isn't God."

He laughed, "Of course not his beard is different."

I then came back with, "People always think they know what God looks like. Even Jesus we can guess but we don't know. The Bible says that sometimes God looks like a lion and Sometimes a Lamb."

He questioned, "So God is a transformer?"

I paused, then answered, "yes".

He yelled, "COOL!"

Then we got to have a really cool conversation about the subject.


~Lydia~ said...

Cool conversation!

It worked...(the change you made)

Yomaida said...

Can I just say....Baby Girl comes and gives me a hug almost every morning. She is SO sweet. Love her!!!!

cleanaturalady said...

That is a really neat way to look at God.

Kristy said...

That is just tooo cute!!! Rebecca I have missed you so much. It is totally my fault, because I have been using Google reader, it tells me who has new posts etc. and for some reason it will not let me put your blog on my list. So I have neglected you, I am so sorry. I will not be doing that anymore ok.

Love and blessings, Kristy