Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It was a busy week for our family. We started going and never stopped.

Thursday I was in charge of putting on a luncheon for the teachers at my baby girl's school. It went over really well but I was really exhausted when we were done.

I really love the teachers at the school. They seem to really care about their students and seem appreciative of the parents. Who can ask for more?

Friday I worked up at the school with baby boy. He sat up there with me for three hours without complaint. He was very well behaved. We were in charge of Spirit store. It was great getting to interact with all the students as well.

Today I took this picture of the kids. They were really loving each other. This took place in front of the tree so I pulled out the camera. Then of course they started posing.

I feel really blessed that I have children that get along so well. I know it won't last forever but I will appricate it while we have it.

They have some fights but mostly they play and love on each other.

I have read all the twilight books now. They were really good. They had their flaws but over all I fell in love with the story. I also got to read the PDF of the last book from Edwards perspective. She never published it because it got leaked on the Internet and she just felt like she couldn't write about it anymore. Stephanie did share it with everyone and that is why I went ahead a read it.

I would love to be in the next movie. There is a dream for a lady huh? Even being an extra would be fun. I know this isn't likely because they film in Oregon. It would be fun though!

Have any of you read any of Stephanie Myers other books?


Anonymous said...

We love seeing the kids in front of the tree!

Bana and Petes

Yomaida said...

We really do LOVE our students and appreciate our parents! THANK YOU!!! And you and I can go audition together!!! I just finished New Moon and am ready for next....CAN'T WAIT!!!

cleanaturalady said...

Yes, you are very lucky that they get along so well. I am not sure where I went wrong with mine...