Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

I hope you enjoy this post. We went to Memphis again this year for Thanksgiving. We had a really fun week. This is excluding the various illnesses from half of the family.
I really hope you get all the way through this post. It is fun. There is a really cool video in the middle that you won't want to pass up.
I also want to send a thanks to my friends who took care of our puppy while we were gone. You are really wonderful to help us out.

The kids were full of ideas for projects. Baby boy made a banjo and and a drum. Baby girl made Thanksgiving menus and the family tree. She had each of us draw our own pictures.

While in Memphis we went to the Enchanted Forest and sat with Santa

Thanksgiving day leisure and cuddles.

Bana helped put together a Gingerbread Santa sleigh project.

We went to the children's museum with our friends Pat and David. We all had a wonderful time. If you don't watch this video then it is your loss. Turn up the volume and get groovy.

Some other fun times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the photos, Rebecca. We especially enjoyed the tour of the Children's Museum, since we chose to stay home that day. We loved having you here!

Bana and Petes

~Lydia~ said...

Man he can dance ;)... Glad you had a great turkey day. I think if you want your blog to update on my blog role you can change one of the settings so it's a live feed or something like that. Call me if you want to and I'll login and walk you through it. Glad you had a safe great trip!

Joye said...

I love all the pictures, Rebecca. :)