Tuesday, November 11, 2008


First I want to wish everyone a happy veterans day. Thanks to everyone that has served our country. This includes Granddad Jordan, Granddad Ritchie, Hector, and Chad from our family.

Second, my sister had her birthday last Friday. Here is a picture of us together on Sunday.

here is baby girl, baby boy's profile, and my sisters baby girl

Baby girl has been reading like crazy. She has known how to read really well all along. She was faking us out.

I found this out because she was reading her birthday cards. She seemed to read those without a problem. I set her up an email account because that was the closest thing to a card I could think of. She is reading words without having to sound out. They are difficult words. Now we are going to have to work on spelling.

Baby boy got his school pictures back. They were great. I will scan them if our scanner starts working again. It is temperamental.

He is starting to learn how to sound out words. He was able to figure out how to spell dog from the sounds.

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Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear about both kids' reading. You know how much both of us love to read. Right now Petes is doing a hard job: sorting through all his books, at his office and at home, to decide which ones he will get rid of. This is necessary because when he retires, all the books he has at the office have to come back home to our shelves here. Petes loves his books and has a hard time giving any of them up!