Friday, November 07, 2008

You know you are a mom when...

Picture this.

We are sitting around the table. Baby boy is pleased with himself because he picked out dinner. We are having a Caesar Salad with skinless rotisserie chicken. Our side dish is watermelon.

Baby girl is pouting because daddy set the table too quickly. She wanted to set the table by herself.

Baby boy decides he is done with his special dinner. I noticed he only ate one bite of his watermelon.

I get a bright idea. I say, "This is my watermelon and you can't have any." He reaches over and takes a huge bite. (giggling ensues)

"What are you doing that is mine!" I say as I laugh. He takes another huge bite. This goes back and forth until there is one bite.

He says, "I don't want anymore. You can have it. " I say, "Just one more bite." He says no.

Then he coughs. I said, "Are you okay? Are you choking?"

He says, "No mommy."

Then be throws up all over the table. (this is the part where I know I am a mommy) I reach out and put my hand in the middle of the throw up to keep it from rolling onto the floor and carpet. He throws up 3 more times. I it is going all over me but my goal is to protect the carpet.

He was fine a minute later.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can picture it! Next time maybe mommy will believe Baby Boy when he says he doesn't want any more! (LOL)


Yomaida said...

Yay! I am happy you found me too! You have a great profile picture. You too have great pics....:-) Have a happy weekend. ye

~Lydia~ said...

Hope he feels better! We had that come through our house too!