Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our day

The house is clean so Baby boy and I went out for a special lunch just the two of us. Then we bought stuff to make dinner and cookies.

Baby girl was happy when I picked her up from school. Apparently the "Desk Fairy" visited her desk at school. She was rewarded with a ring for her tidy workspace. The desk fairy leaves a special note and a small token of her appreciation. (I think my teachers could have used the desk fairy on me. She never visited me because mine was always a mess.)

She started talking about the desk fairy on the way home. She decided that the desk fairy was kin to the Tooth fairy and Tinkerbell. She thought she was the twin or the older sister to the Tooth fairy and just a relative of Tinkerbell.

All this means at least one more year of Santa!

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Guinhyvar said...

Awww... cute! You have adorable children. And it sounds like a good day all around!