Monday, November 12, 2007

Health Update

Last week I had my iron tested again. The doctors office called back and said that my iron had gone down again. The nursed acted shocked. She first asked if I was taking my meds. I said yes. Then she said something to the affect that they were worried that I was internally bleeding. Then she quickly decided to put me on a new drug. She talked to the doctor.

I am eating lots of meat right now. Mainly meat and veggies. (Ewwww on the large amounts of meat) I have taken caffeine out of my diet. I read that it can inhibit iron absorption. I will now gain some weight but hopefully I will have some energy soon. I can always loose the meat weight after I get my iron under control.

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Anonymous said...

Becky, I hope the passing comment about internal bleeding didn't alarm you. If they thought that was much of a possibility, I'm sure they would have had you come back in for more tests. Sorry about all the meat! I know that has never been your favorite thing. I assume you have a list of veggies that have lots of iron? We'll be thinking of you, and are looking forward to seeing you soon.