Thursday, November 08, 2007


Baby Girl has been recommended for our school gifted program. The parents have tons of paper work to fill out. The questions are difficult because it requires you to remember specifics. The questions are also similar in many ways. I think if I were a trained teacher, they might seem more different.

Here are the questions.
1. Intellectual curiosity/ asks important question
2. understands big ideas and perceives relationships between big ideas
3. cleaver/ out-of-the-box
4. analytical thinker/methodical thinker
5. views situations, problems, or issues from multiple perspectives
6. interprets information in a wider context (social, political, economic, technological, environmental implications)
7. expresses ideas in variety of ways including advanced vocabulary use
8. learning style/ enthusiasm of learning/ initiative/ rapidity and depth of learning
9. persistence/ goal-oriented/ commitment to task completion/ attention span
10. independent worker/ability to work with others
11. sense of humor/ type of humor/ use of humor
12. sensitivity/ empathy/ awareness of other's emotions, needs, and perspectives
13. variety of interests/ intense focus
14. handling advice or criticism from others/ self-criticism
15. leadership in family, among peers, or in outside activities
16. tablets in art, music, writing, or performing for audiences
17. activities/ sports/ clubs/ hobbies
18. recognition/ honors/ awards
19. Are there any special needs or special concerns that you would like to share/

These are all fill in the blank questions. If you want to help my memory please help.


Anonymous said...

Clever, out-of-the-box thinking: making that calendar with her own abbreviations
Sensitivity etc.: the conversation about being rich and Rebekah's work; her wanting Hunter to have an umbrella for her birthday present

Anonymous said...

Persistence: her sitting with her sketch pad for a long time while we were there on our last visit--she was with the rest of us, but totally engrossed in what she was drawing


Anonymous said...

I know it's tough to fill PACE forms, looking for clues and found your website, was your girl selected for PACE last year.