Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kids doings

We had mommy/daughter father/son night:

Daddy took baby boy to the play area of the mall. Then they got some dinner, rode a quarter ride, and got some gum balls. Baby girl and I went skating.

Baby girl wore me out. I skated with her but she held on to my right arm the whole time. She fell and I would have to pick her up while skating. I had 35-40 lbs on my arm for an hour!

She started off timid, but each circle around she got better. By the time we left she was only holding on to my hand/arm and not the wall any more. She hardly slipped at all. We had a good time.

Stories on the kids:

Baby boy said to me yesterday, "Mommy, you know Santa isn't real. Last year when he came to church he had a fake beard and fake suit and fake everything"

Baby girl was talking to me in the car. She said, "Mommy I know how a credit card works. If you don't have money in your purse you use it. Then you pay for it with money later."

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