Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trick or Treats?

Baby boy would not eat his peas tonight (although he picked them to eat) We don't force our children to eat, but if they don't eat at least some of their dinner then they don't get a snack after dinner.

Daddy was in the kitchen doing dishes when baby boy opened up the drawer with snacks in them. He started to grab a snack. Daddy says not unless you eat some of your peas.

Baby boy gets puppy dog eyes.

"daddy I want you to go away."

Daddy obligees (entrapment)Baby boy opens the drawer back up

"I told you no snacks until you eat your peas!"

Baby boy runs screaming and crying in embarrassment. We all chuckle.

Its funny to watch a three year old try to be sneaky. Too bad they get better at it as they get older.


~Lydia~ said...

I can't read your top post because a little video screen shows at the top of your blog covering up the left hand side of the top post. I can only see it after you post another post and it moves down the screen. :)

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

You know Rebecca it has taken me a long time to just bite the bullet and have the surgery, because for a really really long time, like years and years I did not want to admit that it did not work and if I had the surgery it would mean that I would be defeated, but then one day I saw the big god picture and I knew exactly whose mommy I was supposed to be and all of a sudden it was ok, really ok because then my "uterus" and its functions were not important anymore. How can I look at my children and still be sad that my body does not work??? I just couldn't anymore because I knew why!!! And what a relief it was!!! Everyone says that I am going to feel so much better and I can't wait!!! Love ya, Kristy