Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Low Energy or High...Whats Best?

Yesterday Baby Girls dance teacher accused baby girl of being low energy again. She is right. The question is...Is this a bad thing? She never was a fan of running away from me in a parking lot. She never need to climb on objects and jump down.

Its funny because there is a little boy at school who likes to have her chase him. She told me the other day "MOMMY! I don't run!" It made me chuckle.

Mean while baby boy is moderate energy. There are days that he can go and go but still won't make me chase him.

What would I have done with high energy kids? God knew what he was doing when he picked my kids for me :)


Taylor said...

I'm so envious, both of mine are HIGH energy! They LOVE to run, Jasmine will say 'I have so much speed!'.

~Lydia~ said...

I think high energy is a better thing because then you are less likely to get drawn into the couch potato American life style. Also it keeps you more active, which are good things when a large killer of Americans is Heart disease and strokes. (But that's just my humble opionion in my high energy family! ;) )