Sunday, September 23, 2007

Am I 29 or 60?

A couple of weeks ago we went a wedding (pics below). We stayed on a camp ground for the weekend. The weekend was an eye opening experience. I found that I was doing more with the people in the 55-65 age group than the wedding party, who was my age. They would go off to drink at the hotel and I was the baby sitter for the kids. They would go outside to talk, and I would be inside talking with the others.

Yesterday I went to a bachelorette party for my soon to be sister n law. Again I was talking to the three women in their 60's because all the other ladies didn't have kids and were single. They were almost all 29 and one was 34. Its strange to have all these people at the same age but different points in their lives. I had no desire to take shots of drinks. The older people were just hanging out and enjoying being there and the younger people were scoping the men. We were at a restaurant and I left as soon as I finished my dinner because I didn't want to go and party afterword.

I think it may be that I am married and have children. When you are settled in your grown-up life, there is a contentment that comes with life. I have always been an old soul. I also don't drink and drive.


Dana Watson said...

I know what you mean. I'm 27, and my main activity for fun last year was taking a tai chi in which the nearest person in age to me was about 20 years older. And I never drink, which as far as I can tell automatically removes me from at least half of the "age appropriate activities" the world tells me I should be engaged in.

See you at Christmas, when all of us nearly-30 women can sit around and cross-stitch on the couch again!

Dana Watson said...

Er... that should be "a tai chi class", not just "a tai chi."

You know what I mean.

Taylor said...

I concur. This last year our Sunday School class teacher moved to New York and we were searching for a new class. We just didn't gel w/ the groups our age. We ended up w/ an awesome class that is 'open age', but a majority of the couple's at least 10 years older than us.