Saturday, March 24, 2012

We sparkle

I walked into the bathroom and found my son camped out. The following conversation happened:
Me: Pew wee stinky. I am glad girls don't poop!
Him: (Giggle) Yes you do!
Me: Nope. Never done it.
Him: (Giggle, giggle) Yes you do! I know you do! Where else would your food waste go?
Me: Girls sparkle it out. Ever time you see us wearing glitter that is our left over food.
Him: (he he, giggle giggle) Nuh uh. I know for a fact girls poop. I have a sister and she comes in the bathroom all the time.
Me: Is she not always wearing glitter or sparkles?
Him: (tee hee giggle) Yes but...what are stomach juices in girls so strong that they combust them into sparkles?
Me: That sounds about right?
Him: (flush and washes hands) Mommy that is just silly girls have to poop.
Me: Ever see it?
Him: (as he runs from the room) DADDY! Mommy's crazy! (runs screaming AHHHHHHHHHHH DOWN THE HALL)

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