Monday, March 05, 2012

Love in the Sky

There once was a cloud
so puffy and so bright
he couldn't stay still
much to his delight

There once was the Sun
She burned with all her might
She couldn't move
day or night

One day in the midst of a cold wind
Sun caught a glance of that beautiful cloud
and knew they'd be friends
this she vowed

They became fast friends
every spare moment of time
they spent on each other
their love so sublime

One day the cloud's color
started to gray
and Sun tried as she might
to take that away

She would try to poke through
with rays of sunshine
to his annoyance
because he was just fine

Cloud's grayness turned heavy
lightning and thunder
Termoil and dust
nothing knocked him asunder

Sun tried to carry Cloud's load
but she was too far
they could never reach each other
so they wished on a star

One day, please star
make sure that we meet
so that we can love each other
without missing a beat

The star wanted to grant the wish
for them both
but the distance was too great
yet their love had rapid growth

I've got it!
The sweet Star decided
I will give them a gift
a sign of love collided

With that Star told Sun
to burn fircely bright
then told Cloud to rain tears
it would be alright.

At that very moment something started-
what? They didn't know
when Sun and the Cloud touched
they made a rainbow

A lesson for kids
both near and far
love never loses
thank you little star



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