Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memorial Art Project

Carol came over to make a quilt wall hanging for the kids.  They made picture of themselves with mom. 

Baby girl made hers out of material Carol brought.  Then we went to the store because she really wanted  zebra print and pink.  I loved her design and imagination.

Baby boy made his out of material Carol brought.  We did buy him the red ribboon that bound his.  The cowboy theme is cute. 
They both sewed the parts.  They started off with the picture printed on a material.  Then they sewed the panels attaching 5 parts..  They applied batting and a back and sewed the the three layers.  Then they sewed on the appliques.  Then they bound them off. 

They were both very proud of the finished product.


BigMommaJesca said...

Super cool! I love these!

kristeneg said...

Those are really awesome! Great job!

KristiS said...

You have some very talented kids there!

Salem Witch Child said...

Awesome project. :)