Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's day is really everyday.

My baby girl is not a baby anymore.  She has always had a  wonderful spirit of kindness and giving.  I have been proud of her.  She has lost her Great grandmother in April and spent most of the month with my mother in the hospital or nursing home.  This was a picture taken of her cuddling my mom after her procedure. 

When Great Grandma was sick she spent her allowance to buy her flowers.  She really loved her great grandmother and wanted her to know how much she wanted to be with her.   When she passed she was sad but had such a wonderful thoughts about Grandma.  She was excited to know that she would get to see Great Grandaddy in Heaven again and proud of the life Grandma lived.

The other day we were at the home, visiting.  She climbed into my mother's lap because mom was feeling overwhelmed and confused.  She sat her in her lap and you could tell mom thought she was my niece.  Her head popped up and she winked at me and said "uh huh" to mom.  This was a stunning show of her maturity way beyond her 9 1/2 years.  I know as a child I would have corrected someone that thought I wasn't me. 

Baby boy is a charismatic and gentle spirit.  You can see how much cuddling his cousin means to him.  He has such a nurturing spirit. 

Easter weekend we left the hospital and went to spend time with my brother.  My pregnant niece came in town because he had broken his back in four places.  She wanted to check on him and see everyone.  When his daughter (2) woke up from her nap she wanted to play with Baby boy. She was dragging him around by his had to demand his attention.  He played and played even when he got tired.  Eventually he did want a break but way before most adults would have given up. 

One of my favorite things about him is his generous spirit.  He often talks about when he grows up he is going to move his wife and children in with me.  He is going to build me a 200 story mansion with special rooms to cater to my likes and dreams.  He never mentions anything for himself.  While I know this dream is far fetched, he means it when he is talking.  Once someone challenged him on the subject and he got genuinely upset.  He loves his family and wants us to be one unit forever.

He was very saddened by Great Grandma's death.  He took it harder than I expected.  He loves so hard and any break in that bond hurts him.  He said something about being excited to see her again in Heaven.  What touched the most was that he told me after we got back from the funeral "The best part was getting to see Grandma one last time". 

The best part is this picture.  I know it is kinda blurry.  I was trying to sneak up and take it.  They moved just as I was about to shoot to look at something for the game.  They had just wandered off into baby girl's room to play a game.  They are best friends and actually enjoying playing and spending time together.  I didn't tell them to go play a game.  I didn't set the game up or have to referee.  They just wanted too.
This is them tonight.  They have been taking turns sleeping with me while Daddy was out of town. Baby boy didn't want baby girl to sleep in the other room because she was sick and it was his turn.  Baby girl didn't want Baby Boy to lose his turn so they both climbed in.  They would rather sleep in the same bed than apart.  I think they were meant to be twins.

I am honored to be both of their mothers.

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