Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blogger vs Facebook

I have become more and more lacking when it comes to blogger.   I have so many friends and family that follow me on facebook.  Everyone that follows me there follow me here but the opposite isn't true.  It seems to be over kill to post in more than one place.

Originally when I joined blogger to keep in touch with everyone that we don't see daily.  Then it became a nice little diary of my children's lives and a few random thoughts. I figured one day I would print the blog  in a book like this as a keepsake.  I would be able to remember those funny stories that flee our minds as our children grow.

Then video became so much easier and so I posted the wonderful short digital films of the children. The digital age has been better for marking down children's lives than it was when I was a child. 

Now I am at a crossroads.  Facebook is much more tempting to use.  I am losing those funny moments that I used to chronicle here.  Then I realize that if I wanted to print this out, the videos might mess up the process.    As I often do, when I don't know what to do, I do nothing. 


Kristy said...

I know exactly how you feel, FB is so liek "right now", but for some reason I just have to get back to blogging regularly, it is a part of me and I love the friendships I have made thru it. But I still know how you feel.......

Love , Kristy

rosebud said...