Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We started off the morning with excited children.  They found this:
Click on the picture if you want to enlarge and read it.

They squealed with delight that the Easter Bunny found them out. 

Then they went through their basket.  The Easter bunny left us one too.

We spent the day with mom in the hospital.  This was the first Easter we didn't go to church.  Every day is a celebration of Jesus' resurrection but right now we felt called to spend the day with mom.
The kids were absolutely amazing.  They sat for hours in mom's hospital room and talked to her, asked her questions about her childhood, and just loved her.  Tomorrow she has a very risky procedure and we felt that quality time was paramount. 
We were glad to be there today.  The nurses at the hospital were doing the minimum.  For some reason I thought about mom's teeth.  I asked if they had bathed her and brushed her teeth.  She said they gave sponge bath but they had not helped her with her teeth since she was admitted Wed night.  I felt awful that I had not thought to ask her about it before.  We got it taken care of.
I would give the nurses the benefit of the doubt that they were over tired or that it was Easter so they were not friendly and not trying super hard, except they were the same on previous visits.  I don't know what the problem is but they shouldn't get mad when I ask which medications my mother is on.  Or seem put out when I ask what time I should be there before the procedure. 
Mom needed assistance with pretty much everything.  Had we not spent the day with her, we might have had some serious problems from lack of care.  I guess it is a chicken or egg issue.  Would she have gotten better care had we not been there?
I am really proud that my husband and kids were willing to spend almost the whole day there.  It is hard enough for grown ups but it shows maturity in the kids.

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