Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Comes Summer Goes

In one week my children go back to school.  Many people I know are celebrating because they have the house back and their time on their hands.  I can certainly understand that point of view but I don't relate.  One day I might but I don't today.  I dread them being gone for hours a day.  I know it is best for them.   Homeschooling isn't right for my family but there are moments where I roll the idea around in my head.

My baby girl is halfway through elementary school.  Where did the time go?  How can my baby boy be in first grade?  They both smell the same as they did the day there were born but have molded into beautiful young people.  These little people have their own little quirks.  Some of these quirks have to do with my husband and I, and some come just from them. 

Today we took the kids to "the big pool".  My oldest, who has had a surprising fear of water after years of swim lessons, swam the length of the pool.  She wasn't afraid of the water slides.  I didn't have sit on pins and needles every second we were in the water.

My son has learned sarcasm.  I giggle a little to hear his little person use the tone of sarcasm and understand the proper use.  Sometimes he uses it with is sister "Enjoy sleeping in YOUR OWN room tonight." (don't worry we correct him) but he also uses it in fun. "Sure mommy this ice cream isn't good at all.  I guess I should eat it so you don't have to.  It is the nice thing to do."

The bond my kids share is astounding.  They are best friends.  There may be a  few disagreements (see above) but mostly I see love between them.  Each child has their own room, 3 beds among those two rooms, yet they sleep in the same bed.  Sometimes they sleep head to foot and other times arm in arm.

We don't require our kids to eat their dinner.  We want them to try a variety of healthy foods. In order to encourage them to eat healthy our rule is that if you choose not to eat dinner you choose not to have dessert.  Today we had chicken burgers with red bell pepper and onions.  My son said he was full and walked away.  I look up to see  my daughter cheering my son.  She was asking him to eat his dinner so he could have a treat.  She was cheering him on with every bite and when he was done she kissed his head and brought him his dessert.

When did my daughter become so maternal?  When did my son find his find his satirical voice?  How did my husband and I get so lucky?

PS.  I thought I would show some pictures of their lazy summer days 2010. 

I have to add this one because this picture sums up some of the sarcasm in my youngest.

And this one because she lights up when she smiles.  We were at the circus.


rosebud said...

very nice post... I have mixed feelings about school starting, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reflections, updates, and photos! See you soon.


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