Friday, June 25, 2010

My little boy is a ghost. I mean he is white! He burns and freckles like a redhead but he has dark hair. It comes by it from both sides of our families.

This summer he is participating in our elective summer school program. The children get to take the courses they find interesting. One of his classes is a Jr science club. They take nature walks, have kinesthetic learning, and have classroom time. He loves the class.

For two weeks we have been slathering on the sun protection as well as dressing him for being in nature. Then a few days ago he broke out in a sun rash.

His poor face and ears were swollen. Anywhere the sun touched he was broken out with itching pain. We gave him some medication and it helped his arms but his face, ears, and neck continued to get worse. We took him into the doctor and they said it was the sun. We needed to not allow him to go on the nature walks for the rest of the week.

We still had the issue that when school is out he has to stand in the sun at pick up time. My sweet 8 year old suggested that we get him an umbrella to hold in the sun.

The child LOVES that umbrella. I was worried that the stars would be too girly for him. It happens to be the school mascot is a star so he will not be teased. He is happy. We are happy. Win Win.


rosebud said...

oh poor guy! what a great idea -- it gets hot waiting outside in that steamy sun!

Kelley said...

That's a really good idea. The Texas sun is brutal.

Anonymous said...

We will watch out for that when we come to kidsit!
Bana and Petes