Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kids are funny!

I drove Baby boy home from Karate. He was talking about how when babies are born you can tell if they are a boy or a girl if they have a "p" or not. I told him that it was perfectly okay to say penis.

He pauses and says, "Yes boys have a PENIS and girls have a..."

I was thinking I should say vulva. Then I thought a second because most people say vagina when they are talking technically even though it is wrong. People will fall out if he says that so I told him, "Vagina".

He said, "Right, boys have a penis. Girls have a godiva."

Long pause...

"True-er words have never been spoken."


rosebud said...

that is great! And it has always confused me that they have labeled the whole biz the vajayjay!

Anonymous said...

I think Baby Boy was right all the way!