Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring is in full bloom

We had guest stay with us for a day on Easter weekend.  While looking for a centerpiece arrangement for our table I stumbled across this bountiful basket.  It is living flowers that are planted.  I am very proud of this find because they will last much longer than cut flowers.

I also tooth picked two avocado seeds I had left over.  They has been in the window of my kitchen for a month.  I really have been skeptical that anything was going to happen. One sprouted all of the sudden.  I have now planted it in soil. 

We now have an orange tree and possibly two avocado trees.  I might give away one of the avocado trees.  If anyone is interested let me know.  Seeds are magical.


Raymond said...

Goodness, I've gotten behind on reading your blog! When I come upstairs to the computer I just check the e-mail and FB. Love this post, and I am jealous because my avocado seeds never sprout!
PS--Is that orange tree you mentioned the same one Baby Boy started at our midtown house?

Mommy, Daddy, Baby Girl, and Baby Boy said...

I will give you the other avocado if you want.

Yes the orange tree is the same. It has done a lot of growing over the last few weeks.