Monday, April 05, 2010

Hoppy Easter

It was a bit of a bitter sweet Easter. We had to worship from our home because we were both down for the count. We did climb out of bed to watch the kids look through their baskets.

I loved that baby girl remembered to leave the Easter Bunny a Thank You note.

I loved and hated over hearing her tell her little brother it was "the worst Easter ever." She was very sad not to go to church. Then we were not with Bana and Petes. We have been there, or they here, every year since she was born. She likes sameness and this year was just all wrong.

The good news is that they know that every day is Easter. Jesus has risen and will remain so. Happy Easter to all of my friends and family!


rosebud said...

You guys are always doing such fun things for/with your kids -- hope you are feeling better soon!

Raymond said...

Bana and Petes were sad not to be with you, too. We hope you can come to see our new home during the Memorial Day holiday.
Hope both Mom and Dad are feeling better now.