Sunday, August 23, 2009


This video was taken the same day he was sick. His fever broke so we allowed him to leave the cabin. He got chosen to go up on stage. It made up for missing the beach. It is really cute and worth the watch. We laughed the whole time.

They didn't provide us with the magic 5 dollars. Someone else gave baby girl a "magic quarter" too. So the magic quarter cost us 25 dollars (5 for baby boy, 5 for baby girl, and 15 for the video)

His fever broke and he was happy his sister bought him some souvenirs. When his fever broke he could smile.

Baby boy was really sick the day we got to Cozumel. His fever was 103 so mommy and baby boy stayed on the boat. Cuddling was nice. We visited the ship doctor and she gave him some antibiotics for a sinus infection.
Daddy and Baby girl went to the beach for the day.

The Mayan Ruins were super cool! We were super hot but it was wonderful to get to see it. The kids loved that they got to see something that was around before Jesus was born.

Fancy night. Baby girl wanted to try on my dress before I got dressed.

Dancing like crazy!

The Cruise takes off!

We took a steam boat on the Mississippi river. We also wondered around the French Quarter while avoiding Bourbon street in New Orleans.

We went to Mardi Gras world. The kids loved the floats and dressing up.

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Anonymous said...

One day we'll actually complete an entire vacation without anyone getting sick!