Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fresh Eggs anyone?

It has become a trendy past time to raise your own chickens for eggs. I don't have the want to raise chickens or the land. I have, however, wanted to try fresh eggs. I have heard that they are better than their store bought competition.

A friend of mine is raising her own chickens. She sold me a dozen organic fresh laid eggs. The kids and I had them. I will have to agree! They are smaller but much richer in flavor.


Anonymous said...

Oh I think I want to try organic fresh eggs too! My family loves eggs. Maybe you can pass on the info. :) Yomaida

Anonymous said...

Tell the kids Bana used to have chickens when she was a kid! We had about 100 at a time, and sold eggs to the neighborhood--the money went into our college fund.