Thursday, March 05, 2009


I post journal and blogs in other places. A few weeks ago I pointed you all to a ninja blog. I wanted to share with you on here a couple of posts I made yesterday.
This one was titled; Girl Card

I hereby reserve my right to use my official girl card at will.

I hereby undertake the following valid rules and regulations of the girl card (Appendix 1), to be personally responsible for all uses of said card. I also undertake informing this blog if I personally misuse or lose my girl card.

I reserve the right to be a progressive woman while carry said card. I promise to use the card sparingly and wisely.


What is a girl card you ask? My hope is that you will understand fully at the end of this post.

Ladies I have previously posted about waxing, shaving, and plucking. There are so many things that we do in our daily lives to be girly.

We get points on our girl card for the following:
*Moderate amounts of makeup
*Dressing in lady-like way
*Doing nice things for significant other
*painting nails and toe nails
*Being a great cook
*Wearing dresses and skirts
*Fixing our hair pretty

We lose girl card points for the following:
*Never shaving
*Wearing boxy clothing or men's clothes
*Wearing too much makeup

What is the girl card used for? The girl card is thrown into the ring when there is a task to be done that we don't want to do.

This week I am using my girl card. It was hot outside the other day so we turn on the air conditioner. My husband figured out that our AC was blowing hot air. He called our maintenance guy. A large toothed animal had chewed through the wiring in the side yard. The animal was fried. The girl card was used so that I would not have to dispose of fried critter.

Does using the girl card mean that I am anti-feminist? No. I am perfectly capable of cleaning up the dead animal. I would if my husband was not around. I just don't want to.

How do you use your girl card?

This one was titled; Anything?

"You can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is believe in yourself."
This is a conversation heard universally. Children all over God's creation go to sleep thinking they are going to grow up to be movies stars, pro basketball players, and pop artists.
Why is it that as parents we feel the need to perpetuate this misrepresentation of life? Of course we don't want to squash our children's dreams, but don't we want to help them dream in practicalities?
I have seen TV shows where parents lead their children to believe they have special talents. These poor children then are devastated when their dreams are shot down.
I am 5'2" girl. I will never be a pro basketball player. I can practice every day. I can work out. I can put my mind to it but I will never get farther than possibly being a basketball coach.
What is wrong with telling our children that you are glad they enjoy [fill in the blank] but it isn't their talent. Your child can do the activity for fun. Then ask them to look at something they are gifted with for a career.
Singing is one of those places where you can try your hardest but if you are not born with pipes you have no hope. You can get better. You will never even be near the best. So why does everyone want to be the best at singing?
I strive to balance my children with realistic hopes and really encouraging their gifts and talents.

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