Monday, March 09, 2009

Hubby's job interview went "so-so" today. He was asked some questions on a technology he used over 10 years ago and had forgotten. We are not too hopeful he will get this particular job. Anything can happen though right?

Baby girl's teacher emailed me today. She told her teacher she could not play out a recess because she was allergic to mosquitoes. I had to tell her teacher it is okay for her to go out. I think she was afraid of the Crane flies that look like big mosquitoes.

She was doing her writing assignment today. She said mommy their is an un word that starts with a g. Am I supposed to uses it?

Baby boy saw that daddy was sad about his interview and was super huggy and kissy.

We went to a special place that was like an old fashion diner for dinner. The kids got to share their first milk shake. Baby boy's eyes were big as quarters at having dessert before and during dinner.

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