Friday, December 19, 2008

Night with some girlfriends

Tonight a few friends and I were invited to a movie night at a friends home. She has a lovely home and we had a great time. We watched the movie The Assassination of Jessie James

Cathy's home was beautiful. Her husband can apparently build anything. He built and designed their home theater.

If you notice in the pictures I think my camera was starting to wear thin on my friends.

We all wore our pj's. Her hubby made us popcorn with cheese on it "Grandma's recipe". Jen brought pink Champaign and as much movie candy as we could dream of.

I had a really great time.


cleanaturalady said...

You wore you pj's after all? Good for you. I'm glad you had fun. My kids would love to have a movie room like that.

Kristy said...

Aren't these just the best kind of girls night outs that you can get, pajamas and everything, what more could a girl ask for???? NOTHING!