Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Kids

Baby boy said to me today, "Mommy I can't marry you because you are married. If you divorce daddy then I CAN MARRY YOU!" To that I laughed a hearty laugh and then said, "Well that is not an option, but it is a sweet offer."

My Ninjas have already heard this.

I went up to the school today to bring my daughters teacher her gift. While I cleaned out her desk. It was full of papers. I just went through them and this is what I found in my little first graders desk.

Dear Poor People, December 2, 2008

How are you? I pray you have food. When I grow up I will have a home for the poor.


___________ (babygirl)


Kristy said...

A true testimony to what kind of parents she has!!!!

~Lydia~ said...

I've heard all boys go through a phase where they want to marry their mommy, and that it's essential to bonds with their wife later in life. So cute! Such a sweet letter from baby girl too!