Sunday, November 16, 2008

How was your day?

This photograph is from the 1940's

We try to sit down as a family to dinner every night. We do this to stay in touch. The kids love to pray so they take turns.

We have started a new tradition for our family. While we eat we share our day. We first list the worst part of our day. We go into detail on how we were wronged.

Then we talk about the best part of our day.

Lastly we each share how something that we thought was bad turned out to be good.

The point of this is to keep us sharing our lives. It is also to teach the children that all bad things have a good side. There is always a lesson to be learned.

We share our joys and pains as a family not as individuals. The kids won't let us miss a day. They can't wait for this time at dinner.

I pray this is a tradition that lasts.


Guinhyvar said...

This is a lovely tradition, Rebecca. I love having dinner with my family. It always makes me feel so close to them :)

Yomaida said...

Isn't it special to have that time with your family? Thanks for sharing...:-) ye

BTW: I'm adding you to my blog role!