Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny Story

My daughter is 6 and will be 7 in less than a month.

Think of the book "Fancy Nancy" but she is fancier. She has always been fairy dust, wings, and princess dresses.

Recently she is moving past this stage of feathers and plumes. She is now into her own very cute style. She loves mixing colors patterns and textures. She is proficient with her vigor for fashion.

This brings us to the subject. She hates to dress up in frilly little girl dresses. She says they are "itchy". She refuses to wear the dresses unless I give her special under clothing or "itchy medicine".

This weekend we flew to visit family for a wedding. I asked my little darling to wear a beautiful dress. I had checked to make sure it would pass the itchy test.

The day of the wedding I put the dress on her and she started saying that she had to wear some ugly leggings with the dress to make her feel better. We were on the verge of a fit. Our young lady loves to negotiate. She finally said, "I will wear the dress without leggings as long as I can have some itchy medication."

I am not a fan of negotiating with a 6 year old. We were pressed for time and were limited on wardrobe because of our location. My mind raced. I then agreed to her terms. (I had no allergy medication with me.)

I went into grandmas kitchen. I pulled out a coffee cup and added about a tablespoon of water. Then I also added a glob of sugar. I microwaved the concoction until it made a syrup. I said, "here is your itchy medicine". Then I prayed.

Later at the wedding her cousin came up to her and asked her how her itchy dress was feeling. She said "Oh it's fine. My mommy made some itchy medicine and gave it to me and I feel so much better!"

I laughed and still am today.

The infamous wedding and dress. I don't have any pictures with me in them from the weekend.

Random Pictures of the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos! We really enjoyed being with you, even though I know I was rather preoccupied most of the time.I'll do better at Thanksgiving!