Monday, March 17, 2008

This week and a funny story.

We are on spring break. My mother is in the hospital so I have one of my nieces. She is on her second night with us and will probably stay with us through the week. Mom is coming home tomorrow. She will need a heat catheter in a couple weeks. Please pray for her.

My good friend Lydia had her baby this past week. Her baby ended up being babies. She had two boys. Her blog is linked on the left side of my page listed under Links. She is conradzone. Please keep her babies in your prayers. They have been in the NICU. One will be going home soon the other will be there a while longer. Please also pray for mom and dad. They are tired and trying to take care of all three children. Lydia is a great mom and we all love her.

My friend Laura's mom is going to the doctor. She might have gotten a blood clot in her leg on the plane ride to visit. Please pray for her.

Now for the funny story.

My daughter has a best friend who is a boy. He told her that he she was his girlfriend. She has been wondering what he meant. He came over to spend the night tonight. (they are 6) She said,"I need to talk to you ___________." She said, "I need to know what you mean by me being your girlfriend." He said, "It's not what you think." She said, "Did you mean that I am girl and your best friend." He said, "IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!" She said, "Well I think it is that I am your best friend and a girl. You know ________ I NEED TO BE FREE." He said, " I don't want to talk about it!" She said, "I NEED TO BE FREE! I NEED TO BE FREE!"

Update*** Laura's mom just had a burst blood vessel. No blood clot!

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Taylor said...

That's hilarious! That's right baby girl....BE FREE!!