Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Magically Delicious

Baby girl has gone up 4 book levels in less than a month. I told her that if she got to reading level she is on now, I would buy her Lucky Charms. She came home from school dancing and proud. We went straight to the store to buy the sugar filled cereal.
Tomorrow is open house at the school. She is very excited to get to show us all her work. (whispers) Don't tell her that I have been up at the school, volunteering for hours to help get ready for open house.

Baby boy has started working on a pre-k workbook. He loves the books. He will work in it for an hour at a time. I have to cut him off and he will beg to work in it again 20 minutes later. His mind really works in a worksheet way.

He is most excited about the Easter Egg hunt at school tomorrow. He has been watching the clock all day.

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