Friday, May 25, 2007


I don't answer my door if I am not expecting you. I have a note on my door that says that. For the few people that have came to my door and called 30 seconds before they show up, they have been very surprised to see a naked 3 year old penis meeting them at the door. My neigbor got it once a few months go. Today the victom was my 3 year olds Sunday School teacher.

She came over to give me the Sunday School lesson for this weeks. She is going to be gone, and she needed my help last min. I told her I would be happy to. She was over this way and decided to stop by. I saw her face peer in the window and I recognized her profile. I opened the door and Jr pops up completely unclothed. He had taken a bath and just gotten dried off. I thought he was dressing but instead it was more interesting to see who was at the door. She said it was ok, but I could tell she was trying to look away. I felt so bad.

So be warned if you come over to my house, my kids don't mind being naked. No matter how hard I try to get them to keep clothes, they find reasons to get undressed.


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Anonymous said...

Your kids are really sweet...I love reading your stories! Hope you all have a fun summer with all the activities you have planned for them :-)