Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Baby girl has been really interested in history lately. She will want to talk about Presidents and dinosaurs for ever, it seems. Then Monday night we looked at Presidents she just sat fascinated wanting to know more. We talked about all of them. She woke up first thing in the morning wanting to look at them again. She said, "mommy I know the first one he is George Washington. I said very good. Then she said "I know the second one, John Adams." I was surprised that she remembered that and said, "very good memory" then she said "the next one is Thomas Jefferson, then James Madison, then James Monroe" It knocked my socks off. Then she got sad, she couldn't remember John Quincy Adams. I told her

that was ok she didn't have to remember them all. I suggested we call daddy and tell him. She started getting really scared. I asked her what is wrong. She said she was afraid she would mess it up. She really got worked into a frenzy. So the lesson of the day was:

If you don't mess up, you can't learn.

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Anonymous said...

Bana is proud!