Friday, April 27, 2007

this week

This week seemed to fly by. We had birthday parties, family to visit, new houses to see, and sickness. Hubby went on a boys trip to get some free time. The kids have been great!

We had plans to go out with a friend tonight, but do to sickness we were not able to go. I cleaned the house yesterday and its a mess already today.

I got lots of hugs and kisses. One day Jr-ett "accidently" took an extra toy from treasure box at school. We had to return it, with appologies. She did yell at me once when she was in trouble, but immediately appologied :) (you don't know how hard I have worked for that)

When we visited my God mother they got to paint crosses. She made dinner and they both begged for thirds of aspargus. It was nice to see. :)

They went though thier toy boxes today and redesovered toys they had forgotten about. It was like Christmas again.

Hubby and I went to a movie on Thursday while kids were at school. It was the one with Anthony Hopkins.

I have plunged my shower to drain properly every day!

My sisters new house is beautiful. I am really happy for her and the family.

We went to a birthday party at the park. The kids seemed to have a wonderful time. It was a beautiful day. Its rare that I enjoy being out, but I love it.

My dog went to the vet. Her enzymes are back to where they should be. We start heartworm treatment monday.

We went to dance and Jr-ett did a great job. She asked to practice, and did for a while. Called me the dance teacher.

Jr bonded with daddy while I was at dance. He busted his nose on Sunday, at McDonalds. He bleed all over the place. He was very lucky not to break something. He hit it hard.

We have read about 100 books, and dug in the yard, and covered the carpet in mud. (other stuff to that you don't want to know about)

Made about 10 art projects. We have used foam and sticks and caps to water bottles stickers and stamps salt glue glitter and paper colors and wrappers.

We have played I spy, hide and seek, hi ho cherry-o, computer games, and house.

I have thrown away trash, and the kids have taken it back out.

We have prayed.

Life is good :)


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