Monday, April 09, 2012


I just burned myself really bad. I mean yelping while flinging stuff around burn. Why you might ask yourself? The answer: friggin' diorama.

That's right folks, a school project took some of my skin and left a few blisters too. I wouldn't mind so much if my son learned something from the project. The fact is he learned nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Watch this video and you will see...I asked him flat out what he learned.

I am typing this post with ice glued to my hand. I am fuming..well as much as I do. (those that know me know that my fuming is some peoples normal days) I support teachers. They do more for our youth than a lot of their own parents do. I love them for all the hours and time they put into my children. I understand they have to find ways to reach the kinesthetic learners. But WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH DIORAMAS?!?!

I personally think it must be revenge for those parents that say, "Not my kid" and "It's your fault". I am not one of those parents. I help in the classroom. I bring coffee, cookies, and cake. I spend hours of my time cutting things out.

Please spare me this torture.

I had to spend 15 dollars on these supplies.

To end up with this:

Oh and my blister


kerijeanbean said...

His answer reminds me of cutting my toes with a lawn mower. (I nicked them had a couple of stitches, nothing major.) My mom asked me what I learned and I said not to mow the lawn.

I hated dioramas when I was a kid and I am so glad that so far my kids have not had to make any. I hope you finger feels better soon.

Heather said...

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