Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's day

The kids woke me up on the early side because they were so excited to start they day.  They gave me home made cards and gifts and Michael gave me a book.  Then the puppy gave a hundred puppy kisses and I got out of bed. 

Hubby made me a breakfast of lemon pancakes and bacon.  We had a nice relaxing breakfast. 

Then we packed into the car, including the puppy, and headed to visit mom in the home.  She really perked up to see the puppy.  She always loved dogs. 
Then we stopped by the pet store to buy a few odds and ends.  We dropped Bella home and had an early dinner. I then had some cookies the kids made for me.

 It was a lovely day. 

Ally, not so much.

But who can resist this?  Surly Ally will learn to love her.

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