Sunday, April 03, 2011

funny conversation

Remember that baby girl is only 9 1/2.  She knows about menstrual cycles and about how our bodies work.  The only thing she doesn't fully understand is how the baby gets in the womb.  (note that I am not expecting nor am I planning to be in the near future)

Today, in the car on the way home from visiting my one week old nephew, we were talking about babies.  I told the kids that their baby cousin makes me want to have another baby. She told me to shhhh because God might hear and give me another baby. 

At first my questioning went down the wrong path.  I asked her why that bothered her.  She old me because I wouldn't have a favorite baby girl and baby boy again.  I told her while that was true they would still be my favorite "insert their names here".  

Then it dawned on me what she was saying.  I asked her," Do you think that if I just wish it, God would put a baby in my tummy right now?"

She said, "Yes! So please stop.  Have you gotten any pimples this month?"

I laughed and replies, "yes, I had one but I had a bunch when I was pregnant with you."  She sighed, "have you bled this month?"

I exploded in laughter.  My son was in the car and knows nothing about monthly bleeding.  I just laugh at the combined innocents and smarts of baby girl. 

I know that the rest of the talk is coming soon.  I am fully willing to tell her but I don't want her to lose her innocents to soon.  I love that she knows God is part of the process I just don't know if she is ready to know daddy's part. 

How is she this old already?  I don't want to be too late but I don't want to be too early.  Sigh. 

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