Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

We had two family members spend the night at our house on Christmas Eve. They wanted be there on Christmas morning.  The presents were overflowing but remember those also include gifts for extended family.

The kids made cookies for Santa.  Baby girl wrote her her traditional thank you letter to Santa.  Baby boy decided that the Elves are always forgotten.  They work the hardest so he wrote a thank you to them and gave them some mints.

We woke up Christmas morning at 6 A.M.  Baby boy went straight for the gifts and baby girl wanted to see if Santa wrote her back.

True to form, baby girl took her time with each gift and baby boy tore through his like it was a race.

The rest of the morning they kids hung out by the fire, we had traditional coffee cake for breakfast, and they played with their toys.  I got busy getting ready for Christmas Lunch.  We had 14 people for Lunch.  I was busy cooking and eating so I didn't take pictures. 

Later after Lunch the cousins all played with their new toys.  The most fun was the karaoke machine.  They made a game show and were silly.

These two videos are cute.  Baby girl was mostly the host but in this first one her cousin was hosting.  I also caught my sister's baby bump.

Then the they were just being silly and this is what I caught.

Then we celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday.

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