Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful visit.  The kids had fun visiting with their Bana and Petes and Aunt and Uncle.  They saw the horse and goat and the little dog too.  They played hard and loved hard.  Enjoy.

We love family cuddle time. Even when we are away from home.  (I have a cute video that will make you smile.  I will post that later.)

Baby girl and boy play with camera.

Petting the large animals.

Baby girl loved this tree.

She loved this one too because it was a tree made to help the sick children.  The photos in the tree were the children currently in the hospital.

Baby boy loved the basketball tree.

This was the "real" Santa that we see every year. 

Petes took baby boy for a ride around the small pasture.

Everyone having togeather time.

It is tradition to make a gingerbread house while visiting.

Baby boy and baby girl had very different ways of decorating. 

It turned out just right.

This was baby girl's half.  Pay no attention to the boy sneaking the candy in the back. ;)

This was baby boy's half.


rosebud said...

great memories!! looks very relaxing. :)

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful having you here!

Banaand Petes