Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby girl is 9

My daughter turned 9 yesterday.  We started the morning at 6 am with M&M pancakes and sausage.  (Usually it is cupcakes but she doesn't like those) We opened presents and then went to school.  I brought peanut butter brownies to school and then celebrated with her class. 

We came home and did homework as quickly as possible and headed over to Rainforest cafe.  She had a wonderful day.  She wore the tiara from the moment she woke up until bed time.

Here is a few of her gifts.  She also got a magazine subcription and a couple of things from the Rainforrest cafe.

She loved the gift from her brother and picked him up in thanks. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad she had such a good day!
I'm also glad to "meet" the teacher she says is kind of like me. I'm flattered--what a lady!