Thursday, February 25, 2010

A dinner party to remember

On Valentines day we decided to throw a dinner party for our family. My daughter put on my dress and shoes. I put on light make up on her her and she wore my earrings. She had an up-do.

My son went for classic regal. He put on a period jacket over his Perry the Pladdapus t-shirt. He fixed his own hair.

We set the table with fine china and crystal. My daughter and son put the flowers on the plates.

We had wonderful chocolate strawberries for our dessert.

My husband was cooking so he threw on his suit jacket. He served us. (He is so handsome)

We had wine and the kids had coconut juice mixed with pineapple.

My daughter's best friend came over in her fancy clothes.

I dressed up in a gown as well but I was the photographer. It was just as well.

We had our gourmet dinner and so much fun. It was wonderful to spend quality time with one another in our best. We showed our love the simplest way.


rosebud said...

We had some fun heart ravioli from costco and candlelight -- I really enjoyed the day being on a Sunday... more family feel to it.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful--and very imaginative!


Kristy said...

Rebecca I really ant believe how much the kids have grown since I first met you!! Your son was a really little guy and now he totally looks like a "Big Boy" and that Princess of yours....well she is just gorgeous!!!! The party was a great idea!!

Love and blessings Kristy