Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Science Fair

My daughter was required to participate in science fair this year. I didn't get a photo yet but watch for a post later.

I understand that the process is great for kids to know. Hypothesis is a word that every child should understand. How to go through the process of experimentation is important as well.

My daughter picked her own project without discussing it with us. She wanted to learn more about polymers. Well who are we to stop her?

Is this her project or mine? She knows nothing about them and is not allowed to surf the net for research nor can she research at the library without my help. I have no problem helping her learn but how much do I help?

She and I looked up different ways to show the chain of molecules. She understood that poly means many and mer means parts. She even liked it enough to do some projects that she did not include in her presentation.

We did her project when we were not doing her daily homework. The thing is she is having an hour of homework a night most week nights (sometimes two) so science fair took up weekends.

I wanted to make sure her project was her own. Dad and I took turns helping her through the scientific process.

She turned in her project yesterday. While at the school some kids opened up their projects to show me. I asked them about them and they did not understand what their projects were about. I was flabbergasted. How is a kindergartner going to do a project on friction and not know what friction is? Or how is a 3rd grader going to do a project on batteries but not know how batteries work? These are not real examples but you get the picture.

Today was the judging. I don't know the results. I do know that my daughter told me that she wasn't asked any questions about her project. I wonder if it is possible for children to win and have had their parents do the entire project.

We did not do her project so that she would win. We just wanted her to complete the assignment and learn. I am highly doubtful she will win but I am proud that she learned so much.


Anonymous said...

Just know that you did it the right way, and that she learned--That's the point. You all got the point, whatever others did.


Yomaida said...

You are such a great Mama! What a great topic to learn about while learning the scientific process. Yay for your big girl and yay for learning. That was the point afterall. :)

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Thanks Bana and Yomaida. I found out what happened with her at school was that her teacher was out sick so he sub never asked her anything about her project. Apparently in the other classes they did. She did honorable mention.

rosebud said...

That is great. My kids are unfortunately a little too uninterested when it comes to science, so I had to "help" them, but as they get older, they will have to take more responsiblity for it.

Yomaida said...

Funny story...Nealy did a project on 'foamy drinks' in 1st grade. Her question: What makes the foam at the top of a coke float? Anyway, truly, Nealy is super-detailed and pretty artsy fartsy...but, I am not going to lie, I helped her on the 'cuteness' not the work. So when I arrive (K was still at Barron) to attend the award assembly I see she placed 1st in the class. A parent who knew me well and our girls were on the same soccer team,leans over and says to me, "well, take a look at that one (nealy's project) did they pay a professional to make it look THAT good?" I just started laughing and said, "nope! I did it for free...what was I thinking? I should have charged big time!" It was really funny...and maybe the other mom was a teensy bit embarrassed. :) It was all good!