Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sleep over with the tooth fairy

Baby girl's tooth came out today. That tooth has been hanging on for 4 months at least. Today was the day it gave up the will to hold on.

Baby girl was very happy. Her friend was coming for a sleepover. This was exciting because now they were like "twins". The child had lost her tooth when baby girl had slept over last.

They wanted to sleep in the pop up house in the sun-room. I didn't see a problem with that until I remembered the fairy visit.

I asked baby girl where she had the tooth and she showed me under her pillow. Her head was in a good position. There is a crawl hole that the pillow was parked right in front of.

"Jackpot" I think to myself. This will make maneuvering the tooth out from under the pillow easy. The tooth fairy will only have to reach her hand into the hole and grab the tooth. Then she can leave her fairy dust on both children and put the dollar and small gift under the pillow with ease.

Think again. When the tooth fairy came to visit she saw that part of the pillow was sticking out of the hole. She reached her hand in...nothing. She reached further...nothing. She slid to the start to move and breathing pattern changes.

"Oh no" thinks the tooth fairy. She pauses. She tries not to breath. She hears them both readjust. Her hand is stuck under the pillow. Luckily the cover of the tent/house is blocking the children from viewing her.

She stays as still as possible until the breathing becomes regular again. Then she pulls her hand out. She abandons the hole idea and lifts the corner of the structure. It is a bit akward but she slides her hand in. Too far to the left. She makes contact with "Bear". HMMM

She lifts another part of the tent. She gets her arm in. She feels a corner of plastic. (The tooth was in a ziplock) Her index and middle fingers have made contact. She tries to reach in further but Baby Girl is right on top of it. To move anymore would wake her.

The wires of the pop up tent started to dig into the Tooth Fairy's arm. Her fingers start to cramp as she could only move their ends to grab the corner of the ziplock. She tugged and tugged and it only moved a centimeter. So she moved it slowly even with the cramp.

Finally she freed the tooth from the pillow's grasp. She did a silent cheer for this great triumph.

Then it dawned on her. "Shoot" she thought. The small gift, glitter, and dollar were not under the pillow.

She grabbed the small gift because it was the lumpiest. She strategically placed it under the pillow so that it would not wake the child.

She kept her hand under the pillow to not jostle the child when she placed the dollar. "I am an idiot!" she scolded herself silently. The dollar was out of her grasp. In the effort to extract the tooth she had managed to push the dollar out of her reach.

She finally did some gymnastics style stretching with her feet while trying to be motionless with her hands. The dollar was then quickly shoved under the pillow.

She went out into the living room and told the child's father. "There will be no fairy dust tonight. I am sorry but it is too risky."

Her daddy and I are very happy that the Tooth Fairy was able to visit without discovery. I pray she has an easier time her next visit!

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